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Welcome to the Foot Domination Site Footsmothered contains many many picturesets and video of girls and ladies who cover a male victims face with their soles, the pressure of their heels, the skin of their soles pressed on the face skin, her toes pinch into his face, they do not let any chance for breathing. Their victims life is caught under the pressure of female feet. The victims faces now what is coming next. The only thing he sees is the shadow which comes toward him to coveres his face, the shadow of her soles. Perhaps he still can recognize her face through the space between her toes. He looks up and surrenders to his destiny, he smell the sweat of her feet, but there is no escape. “Please let me go, let me breath….”, but she doesn´t. Discover some merciless Ladies and Girls with dominant feet and enjoy many ways to smother a guy with sexy female feet. Join right here.